HDFC MF introduces Nifty G- Sec Jun 2027 Index Fund

HDFC Mutual Fund (MF) has launched HDFC Nifty G- Sec Jun 2027 Index Fund, an open-ended target maturity scheme replicating/tracking Nifty GSec Jun 2027 Index with Relatively High Interest Rate Risk and Relatively Low Credit Risk. The NFO opens for subscription on December 02, 2022 and closes on December 08, 2022. The Entry load and the Exit load nil for the scheme. The minimum subscription amount is Rs 100 and any amount thereafter.

The performance of the Scheme will be benchmarked with Nifty G- Sec Jun 2027 Index and its fund manager is Vikash Agarwal.

The investment objective of the scheme is to generate returns that are commensurate (before fees and expenses) with the performance of the Nifty G- Sec Jun 2027 Index (Underlying Index), subject to tracking difference.