Rajasthan Speaker to file Special Leave Petition in SC over HC direction on rebel Congress MLAs

The Speaker of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, Dr. C. P Joshi has said that he has decided to file Special Leave Petition in the Supreme Court (SC) in relation to the intervention of the High Court (HC) on the notices issued by him to rebel Congress MLAs.

Dr. Joshi said that he has the right to issue show-cause notices on the applications he receives. In parliamentary democracy, the work of all constitutional institutions is well-defined. Under the disqualification law, the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court has also made it clear that the Speaker has the power to take decisions regarding this.

Dr. Joshi said, he cannot be challenged before the final decision, but recently the notices issued to Congress MLAs were challenged by them in the High Court which could create a constitutional crisis. After a decision is made by him, it can be scrutinized by the court, but if there is interference in normal proceedings then it can create a constitutional crisis. The Speaker said that keeping in mind the dignity of parliamentary democracy, he has respected all the decisions of the High Court.