Government set to introduce vehicle scrappage policy: Nitin Gadkari

Minister of MSME and Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari has said that the government is set to introduce the much-awaited vehicle scrappage policy to boost India’s auto manufacturing. He also said under the policy, recycling clusters may be established near ports. He expressed confidence that India will emerge as the world's leading automobile manufacturing hub in five years. 

The minister said ‘now, we are going to start the new scrapping policy, by which old cars, trucks and buses will be scrapped.’ He also has stated that the government has decided to increase the depth of the country's ports by 18 metres, and automobile clusters comprising recycling plants can be set up near the ports.

Gadkari further stated that the material recycled will be useful for the automobile industry as it will reduce cost of manufacturing cars, buses, and trucks, increasing India's competitiveness in international markets. He added that within five years, India will be the number one manufacturing hub of all cars, buses and trucks, with all fuel, ethanol, methanol, bio-CNG, LNG, electric as well as hydrogen fuel cells.